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  • Curtain Rail - Somfy Glystro Motorised System

Curtain Rail - Somfy Glystro Motorised System

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15 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Curtain Rail - Somfy Glystro Motorised System

Curtain Rail - Somfy Glystro Motorised System Somfy Glystro Motorised System Compact, Lightweight & Easy to Install Its compact and lightweight design makes Glystro easy to install without any unsightly wires or cords. The slim motor weighing only 750 grams combined with a simple track connection harmonies well with various types of windows and curtains. Smooth & Quiet Smooth and quiet operation with the latest innovation a belt driven system that ensures you enjoy complete peace of mind. The belt has an embedded steel core that eliminates tension and elongation during operation. Flexibility & Mobility Let your curtains move around the room with Glystro! The curtain tracks can be customised to fit windows of different shapes and size. Greater Convenience Glystro gives you the freedom to choose whether to control the curtains by remote control, wires switches or Home Automation Systems. The Glystro curtain system has a manual override function - a built in electromagnetic clucth - that allow users to draw their curtains manually without damaging the system or you curtains. Curtain Rail Somfy Glystro Remote Motorised Smooth and quiet operation for " soft stop & soft start" ' My' Key to choose your favorite curtain position Compaible with all automated applications used in the institutional sector : infrared system, dry contacts or Radio Technology Somfy Personalize the curtain settings with the " My" Key Curtain Rail Somfy Glystro Motorised Manual Operation Manual operation possible without damaging the curtains High quality rails and belts No re-setting or re-tensioning Tested for 20 years of use Manual Operation Possible Without Damaging The Curtains
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